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Car Care Minute Videos

Nordonia Goodyear Tire & Service's Car Care Minutes are easily downloadable, one-minute videos and audio clips with advice on topics ranging from seasonal car care and road travel tips, to information on cabin air filters, gas saving tips and sounds and vehicle sounds and smells.



Servicing Tires in the Northfield, Macedonia, Nordonia, Walton Hills, Sagimore Hills, Twinsburg, Hudson, Brecksville, Peninsula Ohio and surrounding communities on Cleveland's Southwest side.-

Important information about

Warranty Service on your Vehicle

Warranty on your new vehicle stays in place when your maintenance is performed at Nordonia Tire & Service.


Watch this video about having your vehicle maintenance performed here while keeping your warranty in place.


Nordonia Tire & Service is legally authorized to fulfill maintenance obligations on all vehicles, even new ones.


When Nordonia Tire & Service uses appropriate parts & procedures the Vehicle Manufacture is bound to honor it's warranty obligation


Federal Law

(Magnuson-Moss Act 1975)

governs warranties and consumer products. (source-wikipedia)


So, if you have a newer vehicle that you've been taking to the dealer for maintenance but no longer are able or want to, Nordonia Tire & Service are able to fulfill your maintenance needs and keep your warranty in place.







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Video: Nordonia Tire & Service Introduction

We bring you these one-minute long video's to help our customers save money, while keeping their cars safe & reliable. With concern about automobile dealerships scaling back and/or closing, we can provide care service that will keep your new vehicle's warranty intact.


Video: Servicing your Air Conditioning System

Must you service your air conditioning on a regular basis?


An easy way to save $3,000 in Auto Repairs is to have your engine's transmission flushed and fluid changed every 30,000 miles

Video: Transmission Flush & Fluid Change

An easy way to avoid $3,000 in engine repairs is to have your transmission flushed and fluid changed every 30,000 miles.



Video: Fuel Filters

Avoid costly fuel pump failure by having your fuel filter changed. Many fuel pumps are located inside the vehicles gas tank, making it a costly repair, by changing the fuel filter every one to two years, can avoid these costly repairs and keep your engine running efficient.


Video: Cooling System

We recommend having your coolant fluid changed every two years to minimize a break-down to other cooling system components such as the water pump or radiator. We feel that the cooling system is the 'life blood' of your vehicle, don't ignore this vital component of your car.

If you can feel a vibration in your steering wheel or seat, it may mean that your wheel alignment or tire balance needs attention. Watch our one-minute video on this subject.

Video: Steering Wheel Vibration - Wheel Alignment or Tire out of balance. It's a good idea to have your car's wheels balanced when rotating the tires, about every 6,000 miles.


Video: October is Fall Car Care Month

Celebrate Fall Car Care Month in October by getting your vehicle in shape for the cold weather approaching and protecting your mobile investment. The Car Care Council recommends taking care of simple maintenance now to avoid costly repairs down the road.


Video: Check Engine Light

The most misunderstood indicator in your car.





Video: Automotive Service Tips; Tire Leak Solutions

Have a minor leak in your tire? At Nordonia Tire & Service we can Plug, Patch, or "grind and seal" the problem tire and fix those pesky leaks that only lose a few pounds of air pressure per month. Also provide replacement tires.



Video: Tires - Proper Air Pressure & Tire Rotation.

Tire rotation can be beneficial in several ways. When done at the recommended times, it can preserve balanced handling and traction and even out tire wear. Tire rotation can even provide performance advantages.



Video: Automobile Service Tips: Tire Selection

Servicing Tires in the Northfield, Macedonia, Nordonia, Walton Hills, Sagimore Hills, Twinsburg, Hudson, Brecksville, Peninsula Ohio and surrounding communities on Cleveland's Southwest side.


Routine Brake inspection is critical to your safety. Bring your car in for a brake inpsection of pads, shoes, rotor, drums, lines and brake fluid flush.

Video: Routine Brake inspection & maintenance

Brake problems may be avoided with regular check-ups, approximately once per year. At Nordonia Tire & Service we know how critical the importance is to the safety of your vehicle, that is why we will inspect your brakes at any time to ensure your families safety.


Video: Happy Holidays to our valued Customers

At Nordonia Tire & Service we would like to wish our valued customers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. During the season of heavy holiday driving if you experience any problems with your vehicle, bring it in, we would be happy to check it over for you.


Video: Tires Made In USA For North America

We have tires on sale and can match the proper tire for your vehicle, car or light truck. We sell tires that are made in the USA for sale in North America for American cars.



Video: Keep up your car's Fuel Efficiency

If you suspect that your car's fuel efficiency isn't what it should be, bring it in and we will inspect your fuel system. Changing the air filter each time you get an oil change or having the fuel system cleaned, such as the fuel injectors can make a difference.


Video: Happy Holidays from Nordonia Tire & Service

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays!



Video: Tire Care And Auto Service

Bring your vehicle into Nordonia Goodyear and we will always provide a 51-point inspection, free loaner service, shuttle or ride to and/or from Home or work. We are located on Northfield Road in Nordonia, Ohio and can provide you with tires, and all automotive repair needs.





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Nordonia Tire & Service is your Northeast Ohio tire headquarters! We are a Goodyear Retailer and the place to go for your automotive service needs - from expert car care, oil change, exhaust work, and engine diagnostics to fuel-saving tips and great tire sales. From our website, download tire coupons and discounts, for savings at Nordonia Goodyear Tire & Service at 10235 Northfield Road in Northfield Ohio, Serving Cleveland's Southwest side in Northeast Ohio





Nordonia Goodyear Tire and Service has been servicing Northfield, Macedonia, Nordonia and surrounding communities on Cleveland's Southeast side for many years. From tires and brakes to muffler service and engine diagnostics, Nordonia Goodyear tire and auto service can provide you with all your car repair and preventive maintenance needs.

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